We are The Octagon Group and we are here for you, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, to secure your needs. Providing you with services and products with the highest quality.

With constant cooperation with the Government Security Authorities. Immediate and constant briefing regarding worldwide security issues. Diligent selection, training and inspection of our personnel, based on high international standards. Threat analysis and composition of effective security plans, by our experienced executives. This is our guarantee. The guarantee of your security.

The Octagon Group’s thoroughly planned security and protection programs include:

Guarding and inspection of estates, personal belongings and premises.

Static guarding of areas with specially trained personnel. Recommended program for the protection of houses, offices, stores and banks.

Inspection of areas with pedestrian patrol or on board vehicle patrol. Suitable program for inspecting and guarding wider complexes of houses, offices and stores.

Coordinated use of all the above for more efficient security, which is recommended for extensive premises, factories, hotel, ports, exhibition centers, entertainment and sports centers.